Disk Utility App In Big Sur

The macOS Disk Utility App has always been a workhorse for doing Mac stuff. People have complained about it over the years, but it really is a very useful App. I took a look at the Disk Utility App in Big Sur recently. It is very similar to the Catalina version with a few improvements.

Disk Utility App

I use the Disk Utility App quite frequently for troubleshooting problems, creating partitions, formatting hard drives and lots of other stuff. I got curious if Apple had changed anything in the macOS Big Sur version of Disk Utility. Here is the main window of Disk Utility in Big Sur:

Of course, the left sidebar is transparent. It changes color based on the Desktop background. The overall look of the window is a darker black which I really like. It is much easier to read things. Also, the Toolbar is situated a little differently in the upper portion of the window.

Here is the Catalina version of the Disk Utility App:

The overall look in Catalina is duller, not as clean in my opinion. The Toolbar is centered as it always has been.

I looked around in all the menus in each version of Disk Utility. I also tested some functionality of each version. I came to the conclusion that the Apps are essentially the same except for the previously mentioned cosmetic changes.


The Big Sur version of Disk Utility may receive some changes before final release, but I doubt it. I think it will stay the same, but because of the improvements to its look and feel I know I will enjoy using it.