Finder Column View Resize

Mac people have a choice of three different Finder views, Icon View, List View and Column View. I think Mac newbies use Icon view the most, but experienced Mac people use List or Column view the most. I prefer Column view most of the time. One drawback of Column view is file and folder names that are longer than the column. It truncates these names to where you do not know what they are. The way around this is to expand the columns in question. There is a simple way to do this.

Expand Column View

Typically, when using Column view in the Finder you can extend out four or five columns to access a file or folder:

You can see some of these folder and file names are truncated. It is difficult to see what they are. You can widen the columns one at a time by clicking on the small hash mark at the bottom of each column divider:

There is an easy way to widen all the columns at once. Click on any one of the Column divider hash marks, then hold down the Option ⌥ Key and drag the hash mark to the right:

This resizes all your columns simultaneously. It is a very fast way to expand Column view so you can read file and folder names. And, an even faster way is to hold down the Option Key and double-click on a hash mark. That expands all columns to the appropriate width.


There are tips and tricks for every Finder view. It is good to learn some of them for the view you use most. It will save you time and make your workflow just that much easier.