Is Safari Requesting Logins At Every Site?

Some friends of mine had this happen to them. They navigate to a website that requires login credentials. They log in and do whatever. When they return to that site, the login credentials are not remembered by Safari. They have to re-enter the credentials all over again. This is a problem of too much online security.1 Here are some things to check if this is happening to you or someone you know.

Safari Preferences

The first thing to do to fix this issue is go into the “Privacy Tab” in Safari Preferences:

If you have “Block all cookies” checked, Safari will not remember the login credentials for that website. If you wish to have that kind of security, then leave it checked. It definitely is more secure to force a login to every site that requires it, but it certainly will be somewhat inconvenient. If you uncheck “Block all cookies”, Safari should do better at remembering your logins.

Private Browsing

A second reason you may have to log in to websites on each occurrence is if you are using a Private Browsing window. Every web browser has some type of Private Browsing capability including Safari. You can create a Private Browsing window in the “Safari File Menu”:

You are initially notified when you create a Private Browsing window:

If you use a login in a Private Browsing session, Safari forgets the login when you quit the Private Browsing window. Private Browsing is private. That is why the login is not retained.


If certain websites do not remember your logins, then look at your Safari Preferences. If you are using Private Browsing, then you know it does not retain any login information.

  1. If there is such a thing