macOS Big Sur Messages App

The most used feature in macOS is probably Email, but a close second is Messages. There are third party texting Apps out there, but most Mac people stick with Apple’s Messages App. It works well and is fairly secure. There are some nice improvements to Messages in macOS Big Sur. I will cover a few of them here.

Big Sur Messages Preferences

The improvements to Big Sur Messages is seen in the “Preferences” area and in the UI design interface. Here is the “General Preference Tab” of Messages in macOS Catalina:

Now compare that to the new “General Preference Tab” of Messages in macOS Big Sur:

The information is similar, but the Big Sur version is more user-friendly. They have added a “Share Name and Photo” setting. I have mine set to “Contacts Only”. Also, the Text size adjustments is easier to access along with the Message received sound.

The “Big Sur @Message Preference” page looks like this:

It is the same as the Catalina one.1

Big Sir Messages Interface

While the interface of the Big Sur Messages App is similar to macOS Catalina, there are some welcome improvements. One new feature is “Sharing your name and photo”:

I have this set to “Contacts Only” as previously mentioned. This is a privacy measure, I assume. There may be times when you do not wish to share that information.

The other Big Sur Message improvement is the “Detail Information” in the main window. When you click on “Detail” in Catalina Messages you get this small window:

In Big Sur Messages Detail has been changed to the iOS “I” symbol (information). When you click on it, you get this display:

This small window is much better than the old Catalina version. There is a lot more information available in here. You can also scroll down in this window to access other data.


macOS Big Sur is a huge improvement over the current Catalina operating system. Some of those improvements are in the Messages App. I think everyone will like them.

  1. I had to remove a few numbers here.