Setting The Default Mac Web Browser

I think Safari is the Default web browser for most Mac users. However, some people prefer a browser life Firefox or Google Chrome for some of their features. The Default web browser is activated when you click on web links in the macOS. Whatever your choice for Default web browser, you can change it in the System Preferences. It is easy to do.

Default Web Browser

To change the Default web browser in macOS, you need to go into the “General” System Preference area:

Your System Preferences may look different, mine are in alphabetical order. Once in the General area you just click on the “Default web browser” dropdown menu:

Now you can choose the Default web browser based on what applications you have installed on your Mac:

If you dislike the change for some reason, you can always go back into the General Preference Pane and change back to your original browser.


I leave my Default web browser on Safari most of the time. If I need to change it for some reason, it is easy to do.