Adding Credit Cards To Mac Safari

When it comes to using credit cards on the Internet, everyone does something that fits their security needs. Some people enter credit card information manually. Other people use a dedicated password program to enter credit cards. There is another way, and that is entering your credit cards into the Safari web browser. Here is how to do that and why you may wish to do so.

Safari Credit Cards

The Safari web browser is one of the most secure browsers in use today. There is always room for improvement, but Apple is constantly making Safari more secure. One of Safari’s AutoFill features is Credit Cards. Even though I use a third-party password program extensively, I use my credit cards online through Safari. Here is how to add or remove a credit card from the Safari AutoFill area.

Go into Safari Preferences and click on the AutoFill Tab:

When you click on the Edit Button, you are required to authenticate with your Mac account password:

Once in this area you can add or remove credit cards.1 To add a credit card just click on the Add button:

You are presented with a line requesting credit card information:

Type in the name for the card, then click into each field and add the appropriate information:

When you have completed the credit card information click on “Done” and you are taken back to the AutoFill window. When you click on a credit card order field in Safari you will see a small down arrow:

Click on the down arrow and a list of your credit cards is displayed (removed my credit card info).


Adding a credit card to Safari AutoFill is easy. Whether you should do it depends on what you think about security issues.

  1. I blocked out some information here for obvious reasons.