Catalina Finder Window Won’t Open

I am still having problems with the macOS Catalina Finder window staying open. I click on the Finder; the window opens, then closes. Like many other people, I am just fed up with Catalina’s bugginess and problems. There are different things you can do to fix this Finder issue in Catalina.

Finder Wonkiness

Sometimes when this happens I can fix this issue with a simple Restart. If that does not work or I don’t have time for a Restart, I activate the “Force Quit Applications” window by holding down the Option Key ⌥ + Command Key ⌘ + the Esc Key ␛.

I click on “Relaunch” and the Finder is refreshed.

Lately, even this procedure does not fix the Finder problem. To take it to the next level you have to go into the User Library Folder1 and Delete the Finder Preferences. If you do not have the User Library Folder activated on your Mac, click on the Finder “Go” menu while holding down the Option Key, then select “Library” from the list.

Once in the User Library scroll down and click on the “Preferences Folder”. Scroll down inside the Preferences Folder, locate and Delete

Empty the trash and immediately do a Restart of your Mac. After the Restart test the Finder to see if it stays open. This is the method that works best for me fo far. By the way, I have had no problems with the Finder in the macOS Big Sur Developer Beta. Hope springs eternal.


When a new macOS is released, I normally advise people to wait a few weeks before installation. Because of Catalina’s bugginess, I think I am going to encourage people to update to Big Sur much sooner than that provided their main workflow Apps are Big Sur ready.

  1. Make sure you are not in the System Library.