Failing SSD

I use several SSDs (Solid State Drive) for all kinds of things on my iMac. One SSD contains my Photos Library. There is not enough room on my Mac internal drive, so it resides on an external USB SSD. Occasionally, I run an App called DriveDX from Binary Fruit Software. This App checks the health of your hard drives. Recently, DriveDX started reporting that my external Photos SSD was going to fail. Here is what I am doing about that.

Failing Drive

My Photos drive is made by Crucial. It is the oldest SSD that I have at about 2 ½ years. It is in an external 2.5” USB enclosure. When DriveDX started reporting the drive was failing, I removed it from its enclosure and put it in another enclosure. I have had hard drive enclosures fail before. Alas, the drive still reported it was failing. Here is what that looks like in DriveDX:

If you click on the “Failing” icon at the top of the window it provides more detailed information:

You can also click on the entries in the lower portion of the window for more detailed descriptions of this warning:

DriveDX really does provide excellent information about why your drive is failing.

My Photos drive is backed up to an external hard drive and also to Backblaze online. I am not going to lose my Photos. I suppose I could keep using this drive until it was unusable, but the smart thing to do is to order a new SSD. That is what I did ordering a 1 TB Western Digital Blue Drive which doubles the available space for my Photos Library. My old Photos drive is only 500 GB. When the new drive arrives, I will move my library to it.


SSD drives are very reliable. However, they only have so much life in them. If you are running an App like DriveDX that is reporting a drive failure, you should take that seriously and replace that drive.