You Don’t Really Need Screen Time?

One of the more recent features of macOS is Screen Time, which allows you to monitor your time on the computer along with monitoring certain App usage. I think Screen Time can be helpful for some people in monitoring they’re and their children’s time in front of a computer screen. However, I really need not use Screen Time. I have my system for computer usage. I don’t need Screen Time nagging me, and I don’t need its statistics. If you are like me and don’t need Screen Time, then read on for how to turn it completely off.

Screen Time Off

If you really do not need the Screen Time feature in macOS, then you can shut it off in the System Preferences:

Just click on the Screen Time Preference Pane to get into this window:

Next, all you have to do is click on the “Turn Off” button and Screen Time will be off for good:

That is all there is to it to turn off Screen Time. To activate it again, just click on the “Turn On” button.


If Screen Time is helpful to you, then leave it on and set it up the way you like it. If you do not need Screen Time, then you can turn it off.