Changing The Default Downloads Folder

When you buy a Mac or upgrade the macOS, certain things are set as Default. One of those Default settings is the Safari browser Default downloads location. This is always set to the Downloads folder in Safari and other web browsers. If you prefer, you can change the Default Downloads location. Here is how that is done in Safari.

Default Downloads

You change the Downloads location in “Safari Preferences”. Once in Preferences, make sure you are in the “General Tab”.

You will see the “File download location” drop down menu in the General Tab. If you wish to change the Default downloads location, click on this drop down and choose “Other”.

Now you can navigate and select another location for your Downloads. In this case I chose the Desktop.

If you do a lot of downloading and placing of files, you can set the File download location to “Ask for each download.”

I do not do that much downloading so this setting is not necessary for me. If you are constantly downloading files and placing them in different locations on your Mac, this setting might be helpful for you.

In other browsers beside Safari the Default Downloads location is changed in the Settings area. You just have to look around a bit to find it.


Changing the Default Downloads folder location in Safari and other Mac browsers is easy. I prefer the Default settings of the Downloads folder, but if you need to make it something else it is not difficult.