Check Apple Pencil Battery On iPad

I have been using a first generation Apple Pencil for a while now. They come in handy for certain things in my workflow. The only problem with the Apple Pencil is knowing how much charge it has remaining. If you use an Apple Pencil in iOS 14, there are two ways to check its charge.

Pencil Charge

The easiest way to check the charge on a first generation Apple Pencil is to slide your iPad Home Screen right into the Widgets area.

This is assuming you have the Battery Widget setup. If you do not have the Battery Widget setup, it is easy to add.

The other way to check the first generation Apple Pencil charge is to tap on it in Settings.

You will see the charge percentage the right-hand column.

If you have the new Apple Pencil 2, all you have to do is snap it to the magnetic connector on the right side of the screen. The battery level will appear on the screen for a few moments.


Using either a first or second generation Apple Pencil is really fun. It can aid your workflow depending on what Apps you use.