Deleting iOS Health App Data

I am sure many of you use the Health App in iOS. I started using it for certain things, it is pretty handy. After using the Health App for a while you may wish to delete the data it contains to free up space on your device or perhaps for privacy reasons. If you have been thinking about deleting the Health App data, here is how you do that.

Deleting Health Data

You delete the Health App Data in the Settings area. Tap on the “Health App” icon.

Next, tap on “Data Access & Devices”.

In the next screen tap on your device name.

Now, tap on the “Delete all data” button to get to the actual delete drop down.

Now comes the moment of truth. If you really wish to delete all the Health App data, just tap “Delete”.

That is all there is to it. The only thing you need to do is make sure you really want to delete this data, then go for it.


Whatever your reason, you can delete all your Health App data quite easily if you need to do so.