iOS 14 Long Press Back Button

There are all kinds of new features in iOS 14. Amidst all of the new developments, there are some hidden features in the new operating system as well. One of those hidden features is the “Long-Press Back Button”. This is a handy feature if you are several windows deep navigating through the OS. Here is how this works.

Long-Press Back Button

One of the best places to use the Long-Press Back Button feature is in “Settings”. If you wish to test this out, go into Settings and click on “Accessibility”.


Now follow this navigation path in Accessibility: Display & Tex Size / Larger Text

Long Press Back

Instead of performing a series of taps when you wish to back out of this area, just tap and hold your finger on the “Back” button which produces this drop down menu.

Tap Back Settings

To make this work you have to tap and hold on the “Back” button, then slide your finger down that menu and select where you wish to go. In this case, I chose “Settings” to back all the way out to the Settings area.


That is all there is to it. You probably would not use the Long-Press Back Button feature if you were only one level down. But, if you were several screens into an area on your iPhone, the Long-Press Back Button would be very helpful.


There are several hidden features in iOS 14. The Long-Press Back Button is a good one.