Rocket Emoji App

I am not a heavy Emoji user, but I use them at times. That is mostly in the Messages App and occasionally in Email. Recently, I came across a fun little App called Rocket. The Rocket App allows you to insert Emoji in your text without going into the Mac Emoji characters. Let’s look at the Rocket App.

Using Rocket Emoji

The Rocket App is created by Matthew Palmer. The basic functionality of Rocket is to type a modifier key (in this case I use colon : ) and then type the name of the modifier. Here is an example for 👍🏻 (thumbs up).

All I did to activate that menu is type a “colon” and then start typing “thumbs”. Rocket produced the drop down menu to scroll through. Just click on the item and it is placed in your text document.

Here is Rocket in the menubar.

If you don’t know the name of the Emoji, you can click on Browse & Search.

You can then scroll through the Emoji and search. You are seeing other items in the window’s sidebar above because I upgraded to the Pro version of Rocket. If you are not using the Pro version, you only have the Emoji as a choice. The other items are not available to you. I am not sure how much of GIFs, ASCII Emoticons, Glyphs & Symbols and Snippets I will use, but it is nice to have a choice.

Rocket Preferences

Rocket has several Preferences. Here is the main Preference window.

You have a few settings in the “General” area. The “Advanced” window has a few more settings.

Rocket is proud of the fact they are the first Emoji picker for blind people.

I know Rocket does a lot more stuff, but so far I have only used it for inserting Emoji in various communications. It is a very fun App to use. I think the Pro version is $4.99 if you wish to go that route.


If you are an Emoji user, then you would like the Rocket App. It is easy to use and very convenient.