Set Default Web Browser In macOS

With the coming of iOS and iPadOS 14 you can change the Default Email and Web Browser to something different from Apple’s Mail and Safari Apps. You have been able to set the Default Web Browser on the Mac for quite some time. Just as a reminder, here is how you do that.

Default Web Browser

If you are not satisfied with Safari as the Default Web Browser, you can change it. Some people prefer to use Firefox or Chrome or some other browser for their Internet work. Here is how you change that.

Go into the System Preferences and click on the General Pref Pane.

When you are in this area, click on the setting for Default web browser.

This drops a list of Apps capable of handling websites.

Please be careful with this list. Many Apps in the list are not web browser in themselves. My list contains Firefox, Chrome, Brave and some Windows OS choices. 1

If you prefer to use Firefox or Chrome most of the time, then set it as your Default web browser. When you click on a web link, your newly selected Default browser will be the one that handles that request going forward.


Changing the Default browser on your Mac is easy if you wish to do so.

  1. Which are not really choices right?