Mac Control Center Switching Between Light & Dark Mode

If you are running Big Sur, you are starting to use the new Control Center. Actually, it is not new if you are an iOS user. You can add or remove things in the Control Center. The default Big Sur install comes with the “Display” module installed in Control Center. You can go into the Display Preference Pane from this module. You can also conveniently toggle Light and Dark Mode from the Display module without going all the way into the Display Preference Pane. Here is how you do that.

Light And Dark Mode

When you click on the Control Center in macOS Big Sur, you get a pop out similar to this one.

Do Not Disturb

If you click on the Display module, it opens to this small window.

Dark Mode

All you have to do here is click on the Dark Mode button and it toggles your Mac into Light Mode.1 The button is just a toggle.

Once you click on the toggle button, the display is switched to the opposite display mode.

Dark Mode Off

Before Big Sur I used an App called Night Owl to accomplish this display toggle between Light and Dark Mode. It is one less mouse click to continue using Night Owl, but if I use the Display Module I can have one less App to maintain on my Mac.


I am really liking macOS Big Sur, especially the convenience of the new Control Center.

  1. Or, if you are already in Light Mode it will toggle to Dark Mode.