macOS Date & Time In Software Install

I know most of you are installing software on your Macs at least occasionally. If you have been using the Mac and installing software for a while, then you may have had a software package report errors in the installation. There are several potential issues that can cause this problem. Having the “Date & Time System Preference” out of sync can be one of them.

Date & Time

Having the system Date & Time out of sync does not seem like something to prevent the installation of software. Here is a brief explanation of how that might work.

To create a secure connection, many encryption algorithms require an up-to-date clock. The encryption system wants to check whether a digital certificate that validates the integrity of a piece of software hasn’t yet expired. If the date embedded in the certificate is before the issuance date or after the expiration date, the software rightly balks—and macOS unfortunately spits out an error,

The bottomline is to install software on your Mac, the “Date & Time System Preference” needs to be set accurately. This is a little know fact, but it is true. If you are having a problem installing a software package, one reason may be the Date & Time. It is easy to check this in the System Preferences.

Date & Time

Once in the Date & Time Preference Pane you probably need to authenticate to enter. Then, check the date and time.

Time Zone

If it looks OK, then you are good to go. If it is not accurate, then you need to correct it. One reason it may be wrong is the “Time Zone”.

Time Zone Change

If the Time Zone is not correct, you will have to move the slider to the correct area. That should fix the Date & Time issue.

As you can see from these System Preference images the easiest thing to do is make sure Date & Time has the box checked for “Set date and time automatically.” Obviously, if the Time Zone is wrong, then the time will be set “automatically” to the wrong time. So, the Time Zone is kind of the key to all this.


There may be several reasons why a software package will not install on your Mac. One easy thing to check is the Date & Time.