The Particulars Of Email Notifications

I have previously mentioned controlling Notifications on the Mac. Most of my Notifications come from Email, some from text Messages. The macOS has Notifications settings, but so do individual Email Apps. Let’s take a look at how you can control Notifications in some Email Apps.

Email Notifications

Most Email Apps have some type of Notification setting. Some of those settings are very basic and some offer a few more choices. The macOS Mail App Notifications is in the “General Preferences” area.

Email Notifications

If you click on the “New message notifications” drop down, you have these choices in the Mail App.

New Message

You can limit the Mail App notifications to VIP’s or maybe just your Contacts. All those newsletter and spam Emails will not trouble you with a notification.

The Airmail App notifications is in the “General Tab” as well.

Message Info

The Airmail App notifications choices are pretty limited.


Basically, you can either turn it on or turn it off.

Recently, I have moved most of my Email workflow to the HEY Email system. It is very different from your typical Email workflow, more on that later. The HEY Email App is designed to remove notifications by default. However, you can set individual contacts to display notifications.

Send Push

This is more piecemeal, but I kind of like it. I don’t need to receive many notifications, so I set them up for a select few contacts.


The macOS has its “Notifications System Preference Pane”. If you wish to get more granular with notifications, you can set them in each Email App.