Want To See An Alphabetical List Of Your iPhone Apps?

I think the new App Library feature in iOS 14 is very helpful. Let’s face it, most of us have more Apps on our iPhone that we can manage. If you are looking for a lesser used App on your iPhone, you will end up searching through the App Library. What if I told you there is a way to create an alphabetical list of all the Apps on your iPhone? Here is how you do that.

App Library List

To access a list of all the Apps on your iPhone just swipe right to left until you are in the App Library.

App Library

Then tap on the App Library “Search Box” and you end up at this window.

Search Box

From this location you can scroll up or down through the Apps list. Or, you can start to type the name of the App in the “Search Box” and a separate find list will appear. An easier way is to just tap on the letter in the sidebar that corresponds with the first letter of your App. In this case, I tapped on the letter “M”.

Search On Letters

You should get a “Find” list of all the Apps on your iPhone that begin with the letter “M” or whatever letter you choose.


I know people that disable the App Library, but I really like it for Apps that I “need”, but do not use very often. I can always find them quickly using the search feature.