Enable & Use Hover Text

Even if you are not a little older like me, you still may have difficulty reading smaller text on your Mac screen. If that is the case with you, then it is Apple to the rescue! The macOS has had Accessibility helpers in the macOS for a long time. Each iteration of the operating system includes improvements and refinements to Accessibility features. One of those features that I find helpful is “Hover Text”.

Activating Hover Text

The Hover Text feature makes text larger when move your mouse over it with a certain modifier key. Hover Text is not activated by default. You have to go into the Accessibility Preference Pane.


Once in this area, click on “Zoom” in the sidebar.


In the next screen you will see the Hover Text setting at the bottom of the window.

Enable Button

When you check the box “Enable Hover Text”, the hover text feature will be activated.


But wait, you are not done yet. Click on the “Options” button for hover text setup.

Hover Settings

This is where you set the size of hover text and the modifier key. The default is using the “Command Key”, but you can change it to any key you wish.

Now when you are faced with tiny text on screen, just move the mouse over the text and hold down the modifier key.

Hover Example

The text is immediately displayed in the size you have chosen. In my case, the above text is 24 points.


macOS Accessibility features can be used by all Mac users to enhance your computing experience. Hover Text is just one of those features which works quite well when you need it.