Hidden Bar Menubar App

I don’t know about you, but I have tons of icons in my Mac menubar. I try to keep them to a minimum, but they are just so convenient. The real problem with a plethora of menubar icons is how to manage them. For years, I have used the excellent Bartender App, but I am having problems with it is macOS Big Sur. I decided to try a free App called Hidden Bar by Dwarves Foundation Company. These folks are heavy-duty software engineers that just do a few Apps on the side for fun. Hidden Bar is simple, here is how it works.

Hidden Bar

You can only get Hidden Bar from the Mac App Store. As far as I can tell, it is a free App. Once it is installed, it opens to this main window.

Settings Window

You need to read the message in the center of the single Preferences window. I did not understand how to make it work at first until I took a closer look at the menu bar.


When you first set up Hidden Bar, all the menubar icons are showing. What you have to do is hold down the Command Key ⌘ and drag a menubar icon to the left of this divider.

Divider Again

The icons to the left of the divider line will be hidden when you click the arrow just to the right of the divider.

So, here is how this works. Once you have all the icons dragged into the hidden area that you want in there, you click on the small arrow, and they are hidden. To unhide them, just click on the arrow again and the icons show on the menubar for your use. You can also set up a Keyboard Shortcut to toggle this menubar activation.


I have so many menubar icons I absolutely need some type of menubar management App. Bartender has way more bells and whistles, but it costs $15. Plus, Bartender is still in beta in Big Sur. For now, I am going to use this much simpler Hidden Bar App. It seems to work well in Big Sur and the price is right.