macOS Big Sur Bugs

I think the transition to macOS Big Sur has gone fairly well. Most things in my workflow are working properly. There are still some bugs in the 11.1 version of Big Sur, though. Here are some of the things that are still not fixed in Big Sur.

Big Sur Bugs

One reoccurring problem in Big Sur is Apps quitting unexpectedly. When that happens, you get an error message similar to this one.

Kindle Quit

That was for the Kindle App. Here is one I get for the Screens App.

Screens Quit

I have gotten several others for different Apps when launching in Big Sur. The problems seem to only be with third-party applications. The only solution for this error is to click the box “OK” and then try to launch the App again. It usually opens on the second or third try.

One other error I am getting when I launch Apps is “you don’t have permission to use this App.” As you know, you cannot really fix permissions in the macOS anymore. The only thing that works for me in this error is to try launching the App again which usually works.

The last problem I want to mention is Finder issues. For whatever reason, the Big Sur Finder becomes unresponsive sometimes. You can restart your Mac to fix this or just hold down Command, Option and ESC to load the Force Quit Applications window.

Hey Problems

Select the Finder and click on “Relaunch”. The macOS relaunches the Finder which seems to fix its unresponsiveness, at least for a while.


These issues are a real pain and cost time and effort. I am currently beta testing macOS Big Sur version 11.2. I have not seen any of these issues in 11.2. Hopefully, Apple will release it soon.