Stop iPhone Apps From Tracking Activity

The latest versions of iOS are very sophisticated operating systems. Each new version provides new features and seems to allow us more granularity in settings. One new setting is the ability to turn off tracking activity for all or some of your Apps in iOS14. Here is how that works.

Privacy Tracking

People are increasingly concerned about privacy these days, whether it is in using computing, multimedia devices and even in their general life activity. There are several things you can do in iOS 14 to enhance your privacy and security. Moderating and/or turning off App Tracking is one of them.

To prevent iOS Apps from tracking your activity, you have to go to the Privacy Setting.

Privacy Setting

Once you are in this area just click on the “Tracking” setting.


In the next window you can toggle “Allow Apps to Request to Track” slider.

Allow Tracking


Be sure to read this text on Tracking Activity.

Tracking Text

Turning off the Allow Tracking setting does not eliminate all tracking, but it is a start.

If you wish to turn off tracking on a per App basis, then you would toggle this setting to “Green” and then go into each App to setup or turn off tracking individually. Here is an example the Brave web browser.

Brave Tracking

For me, I just turn it off altogether. I prefer the privacy instead of the App tracking benefits, whatever they might be.


There are several things you can do to enhance your privacy on your iPhone. One of those is to not allow Apps to track your activity.