Forwarding An iOS Text Message

The iOS iMessage App has all kinds of features which are never or seldom used. One of those features is the ability to Forward a message to another person. Typically, instead of forwarding a message, we end up starting a new message to the person in question. Forwarding a message is easy, here is how it is done.

Message Forwarding

Why would you want to forward a text message? There may be several reasons. Perhaps you received a message intended for another person or co-worker. Maybe you just want to share some information with a friend. Whatever the reason, here is how you forward a text message in the iOS iMessage App.

With a text message open in the App, tap and hold on the actual text in the message.1

When you do that, you will get this drop down menu.

Now, tap on the “More” link to see the Forward screen.

When you tap on the Forward arrow, you are presented with a new iMessage window waiting to be addressed.

The message to be forwarded is in the texting window ready for sending.


You may not need to forward a message very often, but when you do it is easy in the iMessage App.

  1. This assumes that Digital Touch is turned on.