Hide Safari Tab Bar On iPadOS

I think we all love our iPads. I use mine for all kinds of activity. One of the things we all try to do is squeeze out a little more space on our iPad displays. There are different ways to do this. If you use Safari on iPadOS, you can create a little more webpage display space by hiding the Tab Bar. Here is how you do that.

Hide Tab Bar

As you might have surmised, you have to go into the “Settings” area to hide the Tab Bar. Once in Settings, scroll down and tap on “Safari”.

There are a bunch of settings in Safari. You have to scroll way down in here until you get to the “Tabs” area.

To hide tabs in your Safari display, just toggle the Show Tab Bar setting to off.

Now when you use Safari, the Tab Bar will not show giving you a little more screen space.


If you use an iPad, you are always looking for ways to recoup some display space. Hiding the Tab Bar will help with that.