Hiding Your Phone Number In Telegram

More and more people are switching from other media sources to the Telegram App. I have been using it for a while now, and I really like it. I wish it had more security features, but the features it does have been pretty good. It is easy to use and fun. Even though Telegram has decent security, you can do things to make it more secure. One of those things is to hide your telephone number.

Hiding Your Number

I will show you how to hide your telephone number on the Mac version of Telegram, but the steps are the same in the iPhone or iPad versions. As you might guess, you hide your phone number in the Settings’ area by clicking on the small gear symbol in the bottom-right corner of the App window.

Once in the Settings area, click (or tap) on the Privacy and Security Section.

In this area under Privacy you will see Phone Number.1

If you click on the dropdown to the right, you are presented with choices of who sees your phone number.

I chose “My Contacts”, but you could just as easily choose “Nobody” to restrict the display of your phone number completely.

By the way, if you choose to not allow anyone to see your phone number, you should create a “Username”, so other people know who you are. You can create a Username by clicking on your account name in the Settings area.

Once in this area, click on Username and create a unique username that others will recognize. The Telegram App will tell you if the Username you choose is already taken.


Hiding your phone number in Telegram is easy enough. It is not a bad idea if you are more privacy conscious.

  1. While you are in this area, take a look at the other settings. You might want to change some of them.