iMessage Inline Replies

The iMessage App in iOS and iPadOS is quite sophisticated. I am sure many of us do not use all of its available features. If you receive many texts or group texts involving several people, then you might appreciate the “Inline Reply” feature of iMessage. Here is how it works.

Inline Reply

I think the Inline Reply feature of iMessage is most helpful when several people are included in a single text thread. During the texting you may wish to reply to a specific text and not the whole group. I don’t have a long text string available to demonstrate this feature, but I think I can still show you what it looks like.

Here is a typical text window in iMessage.

If you wish to do an Inline Reply to a specific text, just press and hold on it to display this menu.

From this drop down menu, just tap on Reply. You are taken back to your original message.

The Inline Reply appears farther to the right than a normal reply. It is indented more. Here is an example of what I mean.

A regular reply is not indented as much. In this way, the Inline Replies are easily differentiated from the normal replies. If you had several Inline Replies, they would all be indented to the level shown in the image.


I think Inline Replies is totally cool. You can carry on a conversation within a conversation in the iMessage App. This is a handy feature if you are involved in a group chat.