Is That App Still On My iPhone?

The iPhone has developed into a remarkable device running a very sophisticated iOS. We have learned to do all kinds of things with our iPhones primarily because of the plethora of Apps available. The only downside I have found in all of this is keeping track of which Apps are still on my iPhone. There is an easy way to check for an App on your iPhone, here is how that works.

App Search

I don’t know about you, but I have tons of Apps on my iPhone 11. Sometimes I have trouble finding them on my Home Screen. Other times I cannot remember if I deleted an App or not. There is a quick way to check your iPhone to determine if an App is installed. Just tap and swipe down from the center of the Home Screen.

You will get a search box at the top of the window.

Now type in the name the App. If it is on your iPhone, it will show up.

You can tap on it here and it will open. If you wish to move the App to your Home Screen, you need to go into the App Library (iOS 14) and add it from there.

If your search does not locate the App, then you can go into the App Store and install it again.


Sometimes we get so many Apps on our iDevices, it is difficult to keep track of them all. When this happens, there are easy ways to locate the App you need.