Turn Off Auto Capitalization On Mac

The macOS has all kinds of features designed to “assist” you in your everyday workflow. One of those features is Keyboard Text Styling. This involves auto capitalization of certain words. This feature works pretty well for me, but depending on your typing style, it may be an annoyance. Here is how you turn off Auto Capitalization in macOS Big Sur.

Auto Capitalization

As with most Mac settings, you turn off Auto Capitalization in the Keyboard System Preference area.

Once in this area, click on the “Text” Tab to access the Capitalization settings.

Now, all you have to do is uncheck “Capitalize words automatically” and you are good to go.

While you are in there, you may wish to turn off “Add period with double-space”. This may interfere with your typing skills as well.

If you change your mind about these settings, just go back into the Keyboard System Preferences area and turn them back on again.

Just as a reminder, some third party Apps like Microsoft Word have their own auto capitalization settings. You will have to deactivate these settings inside the App in question.


Apple includes several features in macOS to help us with our work. Sometimes those features just get in our way. Thankfully, many of them are easily deactivated.