Customizing The Finder Toolbar

The most used Apple App in the macOS is not Pages, Numbers, or Photos. The most used App in the macOS is the Finder. Yes, the Finder is sort of an App and we use it constantly in our Mac workflow. The Finder has improved over the years, but you could always customize the toolbar. Customizing the Finder toolbar falls in the category of “Mac Basics”, but it can be so useful I thought I would provide this reminder of how to do it.

Finder Toolbar Customization

Why would you want to customize the Finder toolbar? There are several reasons for doing so. You may wish to place a commonly used App up there. Or, you may wish to put some folders there that you use often, this is what I do.

There are many ways to customize the macOS Finder Toolbar. Each one of the ways takes you into the customization area. One way to enter the customization area is to right-click on the toolbar itself.

When you select “Customize Toolbar” you are ready to do all of your customizations.

Another way to enter the customization area is to select Customize Toolbar from the Finder View menu.

Either way you end up in a drop down window like this.

Now all you have to do is drag stuff off or onto the Finder toolbar.

There is one more Finder toolbar feature that would be helpful. If you wish to place an often used folder or application in the toolbar, all you have to do is hold down the Command ⌘ key and drag the item into the toolbar.

I have placed a few often used folders in my Finder toolbar.


I am sure this is no great epiphany, but you can enhance the Finder toolbar to make it more user friendly.