Ulysses 22 Auto-Update

I use the excellent Ulysses writing App for my Macessence blog. It is a great writing App and does a pretty good job interacting with WordPress. One of its shortcomings has always been the lack of ability to update an already uploaded blog post. To update an uploaded blog post you had to login to your WordPress blog and manually update the file. That is no longer a problem in Ulysses 22 because a new WordPress “Update” feature is built in to the App. Here is what that looks like.

WordPress Update

This is a typical Ulysses window with one of my blog articles.

I posted this article at WordPress already. I am going to remove the word “always” from the third sentence.

Now that it is removed, I will post it to the blog.

When I go to post it back to the WordPress blog, the word “Update” appears in the Preview area.

When you click on the “Update” button, Ulyesses posts the article to the blog with the same information as the original post except for the edited portion.


This process works great, I have used it several times. There is one qualification here. This Update feature only works for articles created with the new Ulysses version 22. You cannot use the Update feature on articles created with older versions of Ulysses.