Finding Contacts Address In Maps

The macOS Maps App has been steadily improved with each version of the operating system. The current Big Sur version of Maps is quite versatile. One Maps feature I really like is the ability to find one of your Contacts addresses by searching within Maps. Here is how that works.

Maps & Contacts

When you first open the Maps App, the Search Box appears in the upper-left corner.

To locate the address of one of your Contacts, click in the Search Box and start typing their name. It has to be the same as it is listed in the Contacts App.

The search results will be listed below the Search Box. In my case, I chose a business, so there are a few choices, but if you search for a specific person, you will only have one or two items to choose from. Just click on the correct contact.

Maps displays their address in the map window to the right.

That is all there is to it. Locating the address of a Contact in the Maps App is pretty easy.


The Maps App in macOS is easy to use and has powerful features.