Hide My Email

In the most recent versions of macOS apple has created “Sign In With Apple”. This feature allows you to login to a website with an Apple created login name and password instead of using your information. During this process you can choose to hide your real Email address and have “Sign In With Apple” assign an anonymous Email address in its place. There are settings for this process in the macOS. Here is what that looks like.

Hide My Email

The “Hide My Email” settings are controlled in the Apple ID System Preference Pane area.

Once in this area just click on the “Name, Phone, Email” section in the left sidebar.

When you arrive in this area, you will see the “Hide My Email” section in the middle of the screen.

I had to block out a bunch of personal information here, I know you understand that. Look closely at the verbiage in this section: “Hide My Email allows Apps to contact you without receiving your real Email address”.

If you wish to change the settings for “Hide My Email”, just click on the “Edit” button.

This area lists the possible emails that can receive the forwarded Email. While you are in this area, click on the “Learn More” link. This takes you to an Apple web page explaining “Hide My Email” and “Sign In With Apple” in more depth.

I use the “Sign In With Apple” feature occasionally on a website where I want more security.


The “Hide My Email” feature is just one more way to achieve privacy in the macOS.