macOS Clock Settings

Once upon a time the clock settings in the macOS were in the Date & Time System Preference Pane. In macOS Big Sur Apple has moved a bunch of settings into the Dock & Menu Bar Preference Pane. There are some new settings for your system clock. Here is a look at the ‘new and improved’ Big Sur clock.

Clock Settings

To set up your clock the way you like it in Big Sur you need to go into the Dock & Menu Bar System Preference Pane.

Once in this area you need to scroll down to the “Menu Bar Only” section and click on Clock.

The settings for Clock appear in the right half of the window. You can do all kinds of customization of your system clock in this area.

Take note of a new setting for announcing the time.

Really? Someone would want to announce the time? Are we on such tight schedules we need to have the time announced to us? Maybe you could pretend you had a grandfather clock have it chime for you. OK, so maybe someone really does need this feature. If this is you, the Announcement feature is in there.


macOS Big Sur has a new look. It has new features and some old features have been re-arranged.