Search Open Tabs In Safari

If you do the same amount of web browsing that I do, then you may end up with a bunch of Safari Tabs open. Occasionally, you have so many Tabs open there is no way to know where a specific tab is located. When that happens, you need to use the search feature in Safari’s Tab Overview. Here is how you do that.

Tab Overview Search

Your Safari browser may look something like this with several Tabs open.

From this window, click on the Tab Overview icon in the upper-right corner. You will end up with a window similar to this one.

You will probably have more tabs open than this. To locate a website tab that you have open, just click in the Search Box in the upper-right corner and start typing the name of the website.

I was searching for the Appleinsider website. The Tab Overview search feature found it quickly. Take note, as you type the search feature starts searching immediately. You probably will not need to type the whole name of the site you are trying to find.


This is not a major feature, but if you work with many Tabs open in Safari it is an easy way to locate a specific website.