Set Desktop Picture From Photos

With every new version of the macOS, Apple includes new Desktop Pictures. Over the years there is quite a selection. If you are bored with all the typical Desktop Picture selections available, you probably do like me and use pictures from your photo library. Setting one of your images as a Desktop Picture is easy to do in the Photos App.

Photos Desktop Picture

There are several ways to set the Desktop Picture on the Mac. Typically, people go into the Desktop & Screen Saver System Preference area and select one of the images.

If you wish to set the Desktop Picture using one of your photos, it is easy to do in the Photos App. Just open the Photos App and double-click to open the desired photo. Here is a photo from my photo library.

To set this photo as the Desktop Picture, right-click on it and select “Set Desktop Picture” from the “Share” menu.

That particular photo will now be your Desktop Picture.

There is another way to set the Desktop Picture in Photos. Once you have your preferred photo showing, just click on the “Share” menu in the upper-right corner of the Photos App and select “Set Desktop Picture”.

That is all there is to it. This process is so easy you can experiment with several photos.


Setting the Desktop Picture using the Photos App is straightforward. If you are bored with the usual Desktop pictures supplied in the macOS, then use some of your excellent photos.