Monterey Full Screen Menu Bar

This probably is no big deal to most people, but since Apple has changed this behavior, it must have been on the complaint list. So, what am I talking about? Until macOS Monterey, when you went to full screen in an App, the Menu Bar automatically disappeared. To get it back, you had to move your mouse up to the top of the screen. If you moved your mouse the slightest bit, the Menu Bar disappeared again. This behavior is very annoying to me, but macOS Monterey has a fix.

Menu Bar Settings

I find this auto-disappear thing most annoying when I am using Ulysses to produce blog articles. I really like writing in Focus Mode (full screen) when using Ulysses. Focus Mode is a very nice writing experience, allowing you to concentrate on only your writing, blocking everything else out. When I want to access a menu in Ulysses, I have to force the Menu Bar to drop. That will no longer be a problem in macOS Monterey.

Apple has included a setting in the Dock & Menu Bar System Preferences to force the Menu Bar to stay visible or allow it to auto-disappear.

There are several settings in this area. If you look at the very bottom of this window, you will see the new setting to automatically hide and show the Menu Bar in full screen.

It comes turned on as the default. Just uncheck that setting and the Menu Bar will remain showing when you enter full screen in any App. This is the Ulysses editing window at full screen with the Menu Bar showing.

I know this is not a big deal, but I think enough people complained that Apple included this Menu Bar toggle in macOS Monterey. Who says Apple never listens to Mac users!


If you prefer the Menu Bar showing in the full-screen mode, you can do so. I find allowing it to show to be helpful.