Paste & Match Style

If you have used a Mac for any length of time, then you have done some writing in word processors, Email and other applications. Almost all Mac Apps that deal with text have the “Paste & Match Style” command in the Edit menu. This simple command can be very handy and a real-time saver in your writing. Here is what it does and how it works.

Paste & Match Style

You are doing some writing, you copy and paste some text from a web browser into you document. But, the text does not match the specific font style and size you are using. You have to take the time to select the pasted text and format it accordingly. There is an easier way to deal with pasted text.

Here is a text document in Pages on my Mac.

The text is formatted with the Baskerville font, which is a Serif font.

Here is some text from the Internet placed into the document using the straight Paste command.

The text was from Safari and pasted in using the regular Paste command. I think the font from Safari was Helvetica or something, which does not match Baskerville, the font for this document.

The way to get the font styling to match is to use “Paste & Match Style” from the Edit menu.

When you use this command, the copied text matches your document font styling.

The copied text came in as Baskerville, which is how this document is formatted.


If you do any amount of writing at all, you can save yourself some time by using the “Paste & Match Style” command.