Check Your Battery Health

One of the most important aspects of owning and operating a Mac laptop is battery health. Apple has made great progress with battery longevity and battery health over the years. It appears that the M1 Mac battery life is phenomenal. Despite that, battery health remains a concern for Mac laptop users. If you have had your laptop for a while, it is a good idea to check the health of the battery. Here is how you do that.

Battery Health

I am doing all this in macOS Big Sur. I think it is the same or similar for the last few iterations of the macOS. To check battery health on your laptop, you have to go into the Battery System Preference area.

In this window, select “Battery” in the left sidebar area.

In the Battery detail window, click on “Battery Health” at the bottom of the window.

The pop-up window shows your battery health. My wife’s 2018 MacBook Air battery health is “Normal”.

If your battery is having problems, it would be indicated here. Replacing a battery on a MacBook Air is possible. I have done several of them for the school MacBook Airs that I support. It is not difficult to do.


Monitoring your laptop’s battery health is just a good idea. Replacing that battery is not that difficult to do.