CleanMyMac Software Updater

If you are at least an Intermediate Mac user, then you have several applications on your Mac. I have over 100 Apps on my iMac. Admittedly, I do not use all of them all the time, but if you run a Mac blog like Macessence, you need to test and review several Apps over time. Periodically, I go through and delete Apps that I no longer need. The problem with running this many Apps is keeping them up to date. You definitely want your Apps to be running the latest version. You can go through and update them manually, but I prefer an easier method. I use the Software Update feature in CleanMyMac, the Mac multi-utility. Here is what that looks like.

Software Update

This is the main window of CleanMyMac. There are several functions. The one I use for updating software on my Mac is “Updater” in the Applications section.

The Updater section looks like this.

You will see a list of Apps that need updating. If you have lots of Apps like me, it will be a long list. When you click on an App, the update is listed to the right of it. You have to check that little circle to select the App for updating.

Once you click on “Update”, CleanMyMac downloads and updates the App. When it is finished, you see a screen like this.

How it knows what Apps need updating, I have no idea. I don’t know where it checks to determine that, but as far as I can tell from using this feature, it is accurate. Furthermore, you can update several Apps at one time, but I just do one at a time.

There is a caution here. Sometimes it wants to update Apps from one major version to the next which can be a paid upgrade. You need to look at what is being updated in the right side column carefully.

There is one more thing I want to mention. Occasionally, an update fails, it will not complete. This is rare, but it does happen.


If you have lots of Apps on your Mac, it is helpful to use an App like CleanMyMac to check and do the updating.