Mac Messages Name & Picture

I know many Mac users primarily interact with people with iOS or iPadOS. However, some of us do most of our people interactions on the Mac. I use Mac Messages and Email all the time during the day. If you use Mac Messages a lot, you might want to set up your profile name and picture in the App. Here is how you do that.

Messages Profile

Obviously, you set up your profile name and picture in Messages Preferences. When you arrive there, make sure you are in the General Tab.

Now click on “Set up Name and Photo Sharing”. The next window shows the default photo it is going to use. Click on Continue to set things up.

In the next window, you can customize your photo. You can search your hard drive for whatever works for you.

In the next window, you can apply a filter to your photo.

In the next screen, Messages displays what this is going to look like. It automatically defaults to sharing with your Contacts.

You can change the “Share Automatically” setting to “Always Ask”.

Frankly, I think “Always Ask” would be very annoying, so I leave my Messages App set to “Contacts Only”. That is safe enough for me.

When you are finished, your Messages General Tab should look something like this.


If you don’t think it would be a privacy problem, it is quite nice to set up your Messages App to display a photo and name.