macOS Monterey Focus Mode

While doing more exploring in macOS Monterey, I came across “Focus Mode”. Focus Mode is kind of like Do Not Disturb with much more granularity. Here is a good explanation of what Focus Mode is supposed to be.

Focus Mode is really for when you’re working, or concentrating. Do Not Disturb shuts out everything, bar phone calls from your VIP list, or from persistent callers trying to get through urgently.

By comparison, Focus Mode lets you fine-tune what you will allow to distract you. For instance, sometimes you need, say, notifications from Slack. Or if your partner needs you, he or she shouldn’t have to remember they can only phone at certain times.

I started playing around with Focus Mode. Here is how it all works

Focus Mode

To access Focus Mode you have to enter the Notifications area of System Preferences.


Once in this area, you have to click on the “Focus” Tab.

Focus Tab

When you are in the “Focus” area, you will see what options you have.


You have the people area and the time area. You can choose what people you want to allow to contact you when you are in a do not disturb workflow. You can also set up a time everyday for this type of setting. There is a setting called “Do Not Disturb” already set up in the Focus area. What you should do is click on the “plus” symbol and create a new set up. Then go through the people and time settings to personalize that new set up.

Set Up

You have to name the set up and choose a color and icon. Once you have done that, just click “Add” and your new Set Up appears in the left sidebar.

New Set Up

Now you can set up the people you would allow to contact you during your busy times in the new set up.

People List

I erased a bunch of names, but you would go through and choose which names would be allowed on the contact list. If you wanted to put a time factor on this activity you could do that next.

Other Settings

Be sure to turn on “iCloud syncing”. That way these settings can be shared with Focus Mode in iOS 15. Also, You can choose to “Share Focus Status” with other applications on your machine.


I can definitely see myself using Focus Mode in macOS Monterey. I would not need it all the time, but when busy, it would be helpful.