Monterey Beta Failure

Well, I guess this had to happen sometime. I have a Beta of the new Monterey macOS installed on an external SSD. I boot into it to test stuff. For some reason, booting into this drive started causing Kernel Panics on my Mac. Thinking it was a conflict with something on my iMac, I attached it to a 2018 MacBook Air running macOS Big Sur. The Kernel Panics continued, but something even worse happened. Somehow, this Monterey beta messed up the firmware on the MacBook Air. I could no longer boot up the Air. I could not fix it, so I took it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. They tried some things, but ended up doing what they call a “Firmware Reset” erase and reinstall of macOS Big Sur. I am glad I had a decent backup of this machine. I am a little reluctant to try another beta install of macOS Monterey now. I have not read of this happening to anyone, if you know of something related to this issue, please let me know.