Monterey Safari Tab Groups

The more I work in the macOS Monterey Developer Beta, the more I like this new version of the Mac operating system. Yes, it is still pretty buggy, but I am sure Apple will fix that over time. One of the most significant improvements in Monterey is in the Safari web browser. I really like the new way Safari handles Tabs, although there are already some workarounds to get Tabs back to the original layout. Safari Tabs are definitely different, especially now that you can have Tab Groups. I really like Tab Groups, here is how they work.

Safari Tabs

Instead of displaying tabs below the browser address bar, Monterey Safari tabs display the address bar to the right of the Tab. It looks like this.

When you click on a Tab, it displays the address to the right. It also shows the website name if you just roll your mouse over a Tab. This is all well and good, but I wanted to take a closer look at Tab Groups.

Tab Groups

Monterey Safari allows you to place a set of Tabs into a Tab Group. This is super handy if you group things by category or maybe by some type of research you are doing.

Here is a Safari window with three open tabs.

You create a Tab Group in the Safari Sidebar area.

You can create a Tab Group in two ways. You can right-click on “3 Tabs” in the sidebar and choose “New Tab Group with 3 Tabs”.

Or, you can click on “3 Tabs” in the sidebar and then select “New Tab Group with 3 Tabs” from the File Menu.

You will see the Tab Group in the sidebar.

In my case, I named the Tab Group “Wood Working” because all three sites are about wood working in some way.

While you are looking at the above image, note the small square to the right of the Group name. If you click on that square, you get a Tab Overview for the group.

You might be asking yourself, how do you access a Tab Group. The best way I found was to click on the dropdown arrow next to the sidebar icon in the Safari Toolbar.

Keep in mind this is early stages for the Monterey beta, there may be other ways to access Tab Groups as things develop. I would have liked to be able to drag a Tab Group into the Favorites bar, but Safari would not allow that.


The new way of doing Tabs in Safari is great. I know some people prefer the old format, but I like Monterey’s version. One of the best things about the ‘new and improved’ Safari in Monterey is Tab Groups.