Monterey Split View Replace Tile

In keeping with my reviews of various new and improved features in macOS Monterey, I came across a nice improvement to the Split View feature. You may recall, the Split View feature allows you to place two Apps side by side on your Desktop, one on the left side of the screen and one on the right side. Monterey has a new Split View feature called “Replace Tiled Window”. Here is how that works.

Replace Tile

I have Numbers and Pages open in Split View in macOS Monterey. I cannot show you how that looks because I am working on a 27” iMac, it is just too big an area, so take my word for it. If I roll my mouse over the green navigation button in the upper-left corner of Numbers, I get this dropdown menu.

MacOS Monterey has added the “Replace Tiled Window” option.

When I choose “Replace Tiled Window”, the macOS shows windows from Apps that are also open.

In this case I have the Ulysses App open on my Desktop. If I click on this Ulysses window, it replaces the Numbers App in Split View.

It is a little difficult to demonstrate this with screenshots, but I think you get the idea. If there were other Apps open, I would have choices for a replacement App. The bottomline here is you just have to experiment with this new feature to get a feel for how it works. Put two Apps into Split View and then try out “Replace Tiled Window”. It works pretty well.


If you use Split View in macOS, this new “Replace Tiled Window” may save you some time in your workflow. It is not a big feature, but just one of many small improvements to the macOS in Monterey.