Power Menu for Finder

I am always on the lookout for small utility Apps that enhance macOS, especially the Finder. The macOS Finder is new and improved, but there is always room for enhancements that make your workflow more efficient. Power Menu for Finder from Fiplab software is one of those utility Apps. I really like it, here is how it works.

Power Menu for Finder

The Power Menu for Finder App costs $10, I bought it from the Fiplab website. The App is not available from the App Store. Power Menu for Finder just adds some functionality to the macOS Finder. Here is a description from the Fiplab website.

Power Menu is a highly configurable Finder extension that adds powerful actions to the right click menu and toolbar within Finder – this makes it quick and easy to do things such as move and copy files, convert images, create new documents and much more.

That about sums it up, besides the fact that it is scriptable.

Here is the start window when you boot Power Menu for Finder for the first time.

It comes turned “OFF”, you just have to turn it on. Then click on the Manage Actions section.

Let’s go through this area. Power Menu for Finder comes with several bundled actions. You can see them in the left column. You can adjust some actions by clicking on it which displays some settings in the right column. Likewise, you can add or subtract folders and items from this set up area. Some actions are not adjustable, like the “Convert Image” action. You can activate the actions you prefer and deactivate actions you do not intend to use.

The actions add some versatility to the Finder Right-Click menu. The Fiplab people say they add new actions all the time. I may not use every one of these actions, but I use enough of them to make purchasing the App worthwhile. I have been using it for a while now, and I really like it. Power Menu for Finder does enhance my daily workflow using the macOS Finder.

There are a few Preferences in the Power Menu for Finder App.

The Preferences are self-explanatory. The best thing to do is toggle them on and off to see how they affect the App.


If you are looking for ways to enhance the macOS Finder App, Power Menu for Finder might prove useful to you. They do not offer a trial period, but for $10 I think it is worth the risk.