Safari Search

Did you know you can search for content inside a Safari web page? I don’t have to do this too often. Occasionally, I have trouble locating some information on a web page and the Safari search function comes to the rescue. If you have not used the Safari search function before, here is how it works.

Safari Search

You can access the Safari Search function in two ways. Before you begin your search, you have to make sure Safari is the front most App on your screen. You can access the search function in the Safari “Edit” menu.

An easier way to access the Safari search function is to hit Command ⌘ + “F” on your keyboard. Which ever method you use, this tiny search window will open.

Just type your search word into that box. The search works as you type. In this case, I typed in “Grant” and used the “Contains” criteria.

You can also use the “Begins With” search criteria.

The search box is small, especially so in these screenshots, but I think you get the idea.


You may not need to search web pages in Safari very often, but when you need to, it is straightforward.