A Reminder For Tab Overview

I think most of us use Tabs in the Safari web browser. The days of opening a single website, closing it, then going to another website are over. Most of the time we end up opening groups of tabs, closing them, and then opening more tabs on a different subject. The problem with that is the Tab menu area of Safari can get cluttered and not as easy to use. Tab Overview can solve Tab Overload! I have mentioned Tab Overview before, so this is just a reminder that it is there.

Tab Overview

Here is a typical Safari window with several open Tabs.

Safari Tabs

It just gets confusing after a while.

Yes, you can roll your mouse over a Tab to display an icon of the page. This can be somewhat helpful. But, if you have a lot of Tabs, and are searching for a specific website in your Tab list, it is almost easier to click on the Tab Overview button in the upper right corner of the web page.

Tab Icons

In Tab Overview you can see all your tabs at a glance. When you click on one of the Tabs, the website comes forward in your browser window.

Tab Overview

 You can also access Tab Overview in the Safari “View” menu.

View Menu

I think the icon in the Safari menubar is easier, but whatever works best for you.


Sometimes we open so many tabs it can be overwhelming. Tab Overview provides some visual order to our tabbing, don’t hesitate to use it.