iMazing Adds Detection Of Pegasus Spyware

If you do not backup your iDevices to iCloud, then you might consider using an App like iMazing to backup your stuff to your Mac. Yes, you can backup your iDevices manually through the Finder, but iMazing is Amazing software and worth the exp ense. The iMazing people have added the capability to their App to detect spyware on your iDevices including the Pegasus Spyware. Let’s take a look at this, I think it is really cool.

iDevice Spyware

One problem we have using our iPhones, iPads, and Watches is malware and spyware. The problem of spyware on iDevices is increasing, it has become fairly common. One of the worst spyware Apps is Pegasus Spyware which can obtain all kinds of account and login information off your device.

For many years we have only had to contend with malware and viruses on the Mac, but that is no longer the case. We now have malware and spyware on our iDevices. It really makes sense, iOS, iPadOS and watchOS are operating systems with vulnerabilities just like any operating system. There is a way to protect against some of this stuff using the iMazing backup App.

iMazing Backup

The iMazing Backup App can be purchased from their website for $49.99. Yes, it is expensive, but if you are backing up several devices like I am, it is worth it, especially since it has been discovered that the backup to iCloud is not encrypted! I use iMazing to backup my iPhone and iPad to my Mac on an occasional basis. iMazing does other stuff besides backing up, one of those things is detecting spyware on your device.

Here is the main iMazing window.

iMazing Window

You need to connect your iPhone to your Mac via a USB cable and then select it in the left sidebar. Then, just click on “Detect Spyware” which takes you to this next window.


They explain some of how the spyware check works in iMazing. When you click “Next” you get this window.

Download Files

You have to download some files to do this spyware check. It also informs you it is going to make a report when finished in the .CSV (comma separated values) format which you can read. When you click “Next” it starts the scan for spyware.

Spyware Indicators

You get several windows showing what the App is doing. Somewhere along the way you get this window.

Analyzing Backups

When it is finished it gives you this completion window.

Spyware Analysis Completed

Here is where the report ends up on my Mac.

iMazing Report

If you double-click the .CSV file report, it will open in an App that can handle .CSV files. In my case that is the Panorama database program, but there are others.


Spyware and malware has come to our iDevices. It is prudent to take steps to shut down these potential problems if you can. The iMazing Backup App has a nice spyware scanning feature plus it does lots of other things as well. It is a bit of an investment, but worth it to manage your iDevices.