MacOS Monterey Developer Beta 5 Failure

As you know, I run a Developer Beta of the next macOS or at least the next update to the current operating system. It helps me to troubleshoot issues and check new features. I have been running the Beta of MacOS Monterey since its release. Monterey is coming along nicely, it does not seem to be as buggy as macOS Big Sur. I did have a problem installing Beta 5 of Monterey recently. Here is what that looks like

Monterey Problems

When I tried to update MacOS Monterey to version Beta 5 which was released a few days ago, I got this error message.

Monterey Intall Error

I tried several times over a few days, but kept getting the same error. I am not sure why this occurred, but after some research on the web I determined other people were having problems installing Monterey betas. I finally came across a possible solution to installing the upgrade which seemed to work for many people. The trick was to use the Terminal App to do the installation. Somehow, using the Terminal App bypasses something in the installation process that is causing this issue. Here is the Terminal command that you use to install the beta.

“Sudo softwareupdate -i -a -R”

That command is without the quotes. Here is what the command means.

-I Install
-a All appropriate updates
-R Automatically restart or shutdown if required to complete installation

Well, believe it or not, this Terminal command worked fine. After the update is completely downloaded you have to close the Terminal App before the machine will reboot into the installation process.

After installing and booting into the Beta 5 update, I can safely say macOS Monterey is coming along very well. As far as I can tell it is less buggy than Big Sur by far. It is very snappy, very fast. I will keep you posted on future updates.


I know people do not like using the Terminal, I am one of them. However, at times it can come in kind of handy.